Love Your Form

LYF is a design duo passionate about creating Pilateswear for the style aware woman on the go.

Luxe fabrics combined with streamlined designs and a carefully selected monochrome palate means our pieces can move from the reformer to the street with ease, comfort and of course, style.

Our ethos is steeped in; striving for strength, a thirst for life, the love of design and of course, practising pilates.

After a combined 17 years working out and working in the pilates industry, we have road tested the best and the worst in activewear. So, backed with our groundwork and an eye for what works on the mat and off, we've come together to create the ultimate in pilateswear so you can love your form.

Perhaps the most impressive lines on our resumes read, Mum.

Kirsten is mum to three girls and Phoebe is pregnant with her first baby (gender current unknown), making them highly qualified when it comes to 'dressing the bump'. Whether that's the bump during pregnancy or the 'after body' which is equally as beautiful, but we accept, hard to dress ! We believe every mum can feel incredible at every stage through pilates training and the right cut!

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The Founders of LYF:

Kirsten King is a highly trained pilates professional specialising in pre and post natal care as well as having worked with a range of elite sportsmen and women. She understands the body and how it moves better than most! And as a mum to three beautiful girls, she's constantly on the move. Between caring for her kids and running one of Sydney's most successful Pilates studios, Kirsten has been looking for the perfect style to tackle it all in, so she's pioneered her own! 

Instagram: @fluidformpilates

Phoebe Burgess is a freelance writer, TV commentator and guest editor. She met Kirsten after a series of lower spine surgeries and failed recoveries. Pilates changed her life, inspiring a career change and a stronger, leaner body. With regular appearances on Nine's Today Show and Fashion Police, Phoebe is up to date with the latest in global fashion and style. She is also about to become a mum for the first time meaning she is now fully equipped to give advice when it comes to 'dressing the bump'. 

Instagram: @mrsphoebeburgess